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Ashcroft Homes is one of Ottawa's most innovative and accomplished homebuilders. Since 1992, the company has built thousands of homes in and around the city; from master-planned communities and townho‍‍‍me neighbourhoods to cosmopolitan condominiums in desirable urban settings. Every home built by Ashcroft Homes is constructed to the highest standards of quality, distinguished by architectural intelligence and designed with style and flair.


Ashcroft Homes approached us with a task. They wanted to create an elevated experience for their clients by modernizing their sales centres. We developed a touchscreen solution for them that would allow for many interactivity points for prospective clients and internal personnel. The solution included interactive and customizable floor plans and layouts that are rich in detail, highly visual, and easy to manipulate. Users were also able to explore the surrounding community, learn about nearby or on-site amenities, and discover options for upgrades to their home.


Ashcroft Homes currently uses our touchscreen solution in their luxury sales centre for the reResidences development. We brought them the right technology approach to bolster their client engagement with floor plans and sales presentations. Each home buyer receives detailed information, pertinent to their purchase needs; one where clients could manipulate the presented information and feel confident in their home buying process. With our technology, we unified the home buying experience, shortened the sales cycle, and provided real-time analytics to improve Ashcroft Homes’ decision-making process.


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