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The Canadian Homebuilders' Association (CHBA) is a national organization that has been in operation since 1943. The associat‍‍‍ion represents Canada’s residential construction industry, which includes home builders, renovators, land developers, and contractors, and has over 8,500 members. In support of CHBA’s annual marketing campaign, 'Get It in Writing!' the association wanted to develop a mobile app that would target homeowners and buyers who were seeking a reliable resource for information about home renovations.


Following an internal insight that CHBA’s website content wasn’t always easy to navigate for its users, the association decided that a mobile app would be the optimal solution to segment a portion of their targeted content. Iversoft worked alongside the team at CHBA to conceptualize, design, and develop an app that would make information about the home renovation process accessible and straightforward. The app, MyReno, uses customized features and unique plug-ins, such as search and product comparisons, and acts as an all-in-one tool for anyone planning a home renovation.


The mobile-based app was built for both iOS and Android devices to provide an on-the-go resource and renovation management tool. By combining critical data about the renovation process with visual, interactive tools –creating and building your project, visualizing material costs, finding local contractors –CHBA gave users the ability to access valuable information that was key to managing their project and keeping it on track. Today, CHBA has a marketing asset with a long shelf-life that provides a unique user experience to its members and homeowners.


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