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One of Canada's most recognized brands for its association with books for women, Harlequin is not only the country's most successful publisher, but also one of its most successful international businesses, with 95% of its books sold outside of Canada's borders. Harlequin is also committed to creating entertaining and enriching experiences for women readers on all platforms, including through their active online community forum, podcasts, ebooks, social media engagement and video content.


Even with book sales remaining steady, Harlequin recognized that today's readers were looking for different content for different situations. With the Books Breaks app, Iversoft was able to help Harlequin create the perfect app for readers wanting free romance stories - whether they were waiting in line for a few minutes, passing time on their bus commute, or binge reading.

The app has proved to be a valuable engagement tool, allowing Harlequin to connect to readers every day, reach new audiences, and stay front-of-mind as the go-to brand for romance stories. Harlequin can now easily get valuable insights into which content resonates with various demographics and when said demographic is most likely to sit back, relax, and read.






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