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Kettleman's is one of the busiest, well known restaurants in the city of Ottawa. Expanding at an accelerated pace, they needed a social strategy that could keep up. In search of better brand awareness, an increased social follow‍‍‍ing, and more app downloads, Kettleman's partnered with Iversoft to bring this strategy to life.


Kettleman's approached us with a few key areas they wanted to see marketing impact. They wanted to promote their catering services, launch their loyalty program, increase external mentions, and increase social media referrals. We were able to provide them with all of this and more.


Kettleman's following has increased greatly. With Facebook being one of their best ways to communicate with their customers, we were able to increase their following by over 10,000 followers. With the launch of their loyalty app, coupled with an amazing increase in external mentions, Kettleman's is now top of mind when you think of bagels.


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