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General Assembly Production Centre Entertainment (GAPC) is a media production house that specializes in video production, with supporting services‍‍‍ in graphic animation, music composition, and audio production. Located in Canada’s capital city, GAPC has been crafting award-winning children’s television series, dramas, and documentaries for over three decades. With a new focus on education, the company required a firm to develop a mobile app that would help parents explore simple math concepts with their preschoolers (age 2-4) with engaging stories. Designed around the Ontario curriculum, the app would improve math performance for young students while easing the anxieties of parents.


Iversoft worked with GAPC to entirely construct the Math Storytime app; a unique web and mobile application built to engage, educate, and excite young learners. Our team of developers created the custom software, coding, framework, and functionalities for the app, while GAPC provided the colourful artwork and audio content. Upon completion, we leveraged our contacts to expedite the process of it ending up in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app was launched in early 2018 and is currently available for download for both parents and educators.


Working with GAPC resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership. The production house values our commitment to planning and resource gathering, as well as our commitment to the project. Following the launch, GAPC continued to work with us after the app was finalized to provide them with digital marketing services. Our marketing department is behind a strategic initiative to attract new app downloads and regular users. In the future, both GAPC and Iversoft will continue to collaborate on future stories and features on the Math Storytime app.


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