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‍‍‍The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is Canada's largest mental health and addiction resource centre. C‍‍‍AMH provides a unique combination of clinical care and research, education, policy, and health promotion expertise to help transform the lives of people affected by mental health and addiction issues.


It was critical that the app looked and feel just right in the hands of millenials, so user testing played an important role in validating potential interactions and approaches.

The app's design had to accommodate differences in mapping best-practices across both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. In the end, Thoughtspot's clear and intuitive design made it so that common actions can be accomplished with a few taps and data is shared across the website and two platforms, which creates a seamless experience.


With the help of the city's University Health Network (UHN), our team worked with CAMH to put the app in the hands of real users - which led to invaluable feedback.

The final product integrates location services, mapping, photo uploading, and more to create a network of resources. Every user can find their perfect ThoughtSpot.

Today, the app offers over 1,000 spots to users in the Toronto area.


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" Working with your team has been a dream. Hoping we get to carry on working with you - on ThoughtSpot and other projects! "‍‍‍

- Annie Hart, CAMH


Mobile a‍‍‍pp for Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.