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Touchplow tapped into a valuable under-served segment of homeowners who don't want the commitment of signing a seasonal snow-contract - but still w‍‍‍ant the option to get their driveway cleared on a case-by-case basis, wherever and whenever they want. As a mobile-only service TouchPlow connects homeowners to professional plow drivers and amateur snowblowers ready to clear their driveway. With an easy sign-up process, secure e-commerce implementation, push notifications to alert customers of upcoming snowstorms, the ability for customers to order plows for relatives across the country, and a user friendly back-end for their Customer Support team, TouchPlow was able to quickly become an important player in Canada's sharing economy, generating revenue both during and between each snowstorm.


TouchPlow had a vision for an app that could seamlessly connect a homeowner to professional plow drivers and amateur snowblowers. Iversoft was able to provide a product that integrates location services, mapping, and e-commerce to provide a well-rounded solution for both the homeowner and the snow removal professional. ‍‍‍A s‍‍‍olution was provided for both iOS and Android, making it easily accessible to those with a smart phone device.


Since the app's inception, TouchPlow's success has provided them the ability to expand, providing service Canada wide with their innovative mobile app. TouchPlow continues to work with Iversoft to ensure the app has regular feature updates and accelerated development when Android and iOS have significant releases. TouchPlow has been covered by various publications and has won many tech awards; such as App of the Week by Phone Freaks, Mobilesyrup, iPhone in Canada, and Techopia.


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