Time & Budget

How long will it take

This is an incredibly complex question to try and answer without more information. Akin to “how long is a piece of string” however, there are some simple elements that can go a long way towards helping to ballpark this process. Development projects follow a number of very simple steps, conception and planning, design, feedback, development, QA, user testing (which can loop back to any of the previous steps) and release. For extremely simple single function applications this process can be a matter of weeks. For more complex projects that have multiple functions or integration points, this is typically a 3-6 month process. For context the average project length at Iversoft is a little over 6 months, with many larger releases taking 9-12 months to complete. Make sure you understand the time and cost requirements when you’re starting out and properly investigate the business metrics to make sure the investment makes sense for your business.

Are there options that fit with my budget

Not always, technology can be an expensive process and not every business needs a custom app, website or software package. There are lots of ways to invest in technology and take your business to the next level. In many cases, a templated website or concentrated digital marketing campaign are going to be great first steps. Projects at Iversoft start around $50k CAD and go up from there, we focus on being a technology partner for rapidly growing companies and larger institutions. For small businesses and start-ups, there are smaller, more budget-friendly options that can be used early on.

What services are covered in the cost

Iversoft has a very diverse range of services offered from digital and product strategy through to development, quality assurance and support. The services included in the cost of an engagement are laid out in detail at the start of a project both in the contract as well as the project charter at kick-off.


What is your development process like

We start by learning about you. We want to know what you do best, your project goals, and who your users will be. Once we understand what we’re trying to achieve, we’ll start validating assumptions and creating a plan that will get you where you want to go. We keep you informed throughout the process with mockups and prototypes to ensure we’re on the same page every step of the way. From there, it’s about building then testing and retesting to ensure it’s ready for market. After launch, we can keep supporting you with regular maintenance. For more information about our process, check out our Services.

Will you create a wireframe or prototype before the final product

Absolutely! We always strive to use fully fleshed out wireframes and prototypes to test any software ideas or design ideas before committing to code. It is much faster and cheaper to make changes at the wireframe and prototype stage than it is to make changes to a final product, so this is a phase we take very seriously.

Can features be modified beyond scope

Absolutely! Having been in this industry for over a decade, we understand things change. Sometimes requirements change, ideas shift or even new ideas come to the forefront. We always do our best to be flexible with modifications to scope. Sometimes this is as simple of moving scope or effort from one element of a project to another, other times it requires a change request or update to the scope. Whatever the right solution is for you at the time our team works to ensure there is a collaborative solution and clear communication throughout the entire process!

Will you submit my app to app stores

Absolutely! In many cases our team oversees the entire submission, listing and support process on both major app stores.

Who owns the code once the project is complete

This tends to vary by project however in most cases once the project is complete the code is owned by the client.

How do you stay innovative

Iversoft stays innovative by constantly gaining exposure to new technologies, ideas and projects. One significant advantage for an agency over an in-house technology team is on any given day or week our teams are working across multiple sectors, industries and technologies and we work actively to ensure that information, ideas and lessons are shares across the team so when we attack a new project or problem in a sector, we’re not only bringing the ideas and innovations we’ve made in that space before, but we’re bringing the best in class from every industry we’re working in. Today, this includes, gaming, ecommerce, retail, sports and entertainment, medical, health, finance, real estate and more. We’re constantly looking to and learning from the best ideas in every industry and bringing news strategies to the table for our clients in every vertical.

What services do you provide post-launch

Iversoft provides a myriad of post-launch services, including support and maintenance, proactive product road mapping and development as well as monthly / annual updates and security checks. In most cases digital products are living, evolving tools that must adapt and respond to user feedback and market forces. Our team is always ready to support and respond to these on-going needs after the launch of a project.

How do you handle issues

Our project team is very closely involved on a daily basis with every project that is currently being worked on. Our process focuses on early identification of any issues that come up relating to scope of work, budget or technology risk and aims to flag these are early as possible. In some cases unforeseen circumstances come up where delays happen, technology shifts or people get sick and schedules need to change. We communicate this proactively and depending on the type of engagement, this can be built into the contract type for our fixed bid projects where Iversoft has taken on this risk, or in Time & Materials engagements or where the issue is not covered under the scope of work a change request can be created to accommodate the additional effort or new information.

Are you willing to sign an NDA

Yep! This is very common practice in our industry and we’re happy to review an NDA, especially before we dive into the current state of a project.

Team & Experience

How much experience do you have

Iversoft as an organization has been around for more than a decade and has shipped hundreds of mobile apps, websites and software projects. These projects have ranged from small start-ups to some of the largest brands in the world and deal with everything from card games like solitaire to critical infrastructure health technology and augmented reality. In addition to this, our team of more than 40 full-time professionals combine hundreds of years of experience across industries and projects and we are constantly striving to attract even more amazing talent from across Canada to deliver the best possible team for any project.

Do you have experience in my industry

Sometimes, but not always and that can be a great thing! Iversoft has made a point over the years of never becoming too committed to a single industry or vertical. We trust our clients and partners to bring their expertise in their given fields to the table and to be at the top of their industries while Iversoft remains focused on being leaders across the board on best practises in mobile, web, and emerging technologies. We take the best that we see from all industries, gaming, health, ecommerce, retail and more and bring that knowledge to each new project and industry that we enter with a partner and help craft leading experiences and products.

Do you have a full team in-house

We do! While Iversoft started out as a small team in Toronto, our head office is now located in Ottawa with smaller offices across the country. The majority of our team is based in Canada now spanning coast to coast with our new virtual infrastructure. We try to ensure that we always have a full complement of skills covered with our in-house team and when necessary have an incredible network of contractors and partners that we leverage when we need to add extra horsepower to a project or bring in very specific expertise. For some projects, Iversoft also offers an option to leverage some of our international partners weather for speed or budget purposes. Whatever the project needs are, we have a solution that can work for you.


Do you develop apps for multiple platforms

Yes, we do, almost all of our apps end up being published on both iOS and Android as well as native and mobile web through a variety of language options depending on the needs of a given project.

Do you do design and UX/UI

Yes! We take pride in developing software that looks incredible, is easy to use, and functions beyond user expectations.

Can you integrate with my existing tech

Yes, we can. This can be a very complex question to answer in terms of time and budget. Generally, the answer is yes, we can, and we do specialize in technology integration, however depending on the state of the existing code, the level of documentation and the general stability of the project or platform we are integrating with this can be a very fast process via well document APIs or it can be a very complex and resource-intensive process.

What coding languages do you use

We use a variety of coding languages and the list is always expanding. For an up-to-date list of all of the languages and technologies we use, check out the toolbox section on our Services page.

Can you make my tech secure

We can! As a company with over a decade of experience working across platforms security is something that is always top of mind in our projects. Not only do we actively manage security internally, we have experience working with extremely sensitive material and ensuring all industries standards are met or exceeded in our procedures. In addition, when that extra touch is required, we have a group of industry leading partners to bring in outside security and domain expertise to ensure that we’re working at the highest possible level to ensure security across our projects.

Can you work with clients in different time zones?

Absolutely! We have a team that spans the country and are quite familiar with accommodating and working with flexible hours and schedules to ensure we can accomodate the majority of time zones and schedule requirements. Have a question or concern on this front? Just ask! We’d be happy to talk through strategies depending on what part of the world you’re working from.


What mode of communication do you use

We use a full suite of tools to facilitate communication, internally we operate on google hangouts, slack, e-mails and calls while externally we’ve leveraged every video conferencing and telecommunication platform imaginable we’re extremely flexible and always happy to adapt communication technologies and styles to match the needs of our clients.

What languages do you support

We primarily operate in English, but we can also accommodate French. If you’d like your software to have another language option, we’re happy to discuss ways to make this happen.

Partnerships Program

Channel Partner Program

What is the channel partner program and how does it differ from the referral program?

The channel partner program is a formal business relationship between Iversoft and external organizations or individuals who actively market and sell our products or services to end customers. Channel partners typically have a deeper involvement in the sales process, offering value-added services and customizing solutions to meet the specific needs of customers. 

In contrast, the referral program is designed for individuals or organizations to simply refer potential customers to us without actively participating in the sales process. Earn 5% commission on each successful referral.

How can I become a channel partner?

  1.  Book an intake call with our team here
  2.  Our team will reach out to you for further discussions to determine fit.
  3.  Once approved, we will provide you with the necessary resources, documentation, and guidelines to start collaborating with our tech team.
  4.  Together, we'll define the scope of our partnership, establish communication channels, and align our goals to ensure a successful collaboration.

What are the advantages of joining the channel partner program?

Advantages of joining the channel partner program include access to Iversoft's expertise, products, and services, which you can offer to your own clients or networks. As a channel partner, you will receive training, marketing materials, and support from Iversoft. Additionally, you can earn revenue through commissions or profit-sharing based on successful sales made through your efforts.

What types of businesses or organizations are suitable for becoming channel partners?

Typically, businesses that complement Iversoft's services and have access to potential clients in need of mobile app or custom software development are considered suitable channel partners. This could include technology consultancies, marketing agencies, software resellers, or IT service providers, among others. Think you might be a good fit? Reach out! 

What resources and support are available for channel partners to market and sell your services?

Iversoft provides marketing materials, sales collateral, product information, and training to our channel partners. These resources can help partners effectively market and sell our services to their own clients or networks. Channel partners will also receive constant guidance and assistance from Iversoft's sales team, with consistent touch points. 

Can channel partners collaborate with your team during the sales process?

Yes, we encourage it! Channel partners can collaborate with Iversoft during the sales process. This collaboration can involve joint meetings with potential clients, coordination with Iversoft's  technical experts, or access to dedicated support channels for partner-related inquiries. Working together allows channel partners to leverage our expertise and resources to effectively sell our services.


Referral Partner Program


What is the referral partner program and how does it work?

Our referral partner program allows individuals or businesses to refer potential clients to Iversoft. If you identify and recommend prospects who may benefit from Iversoft's services, and a referred client becomes a customer, you will receive 5% commission for your successful referral.

How can I become a referral partner?

  1.   Book an intake call with our team here
  2. Our team will reach out to you for further discussions to determine fit.
  3. Once approved, we will provide you with the necessary resources, documentation, and guidelines to start collaborating with our tech team.
  4. Together, we'll define the scope of our partnership, establish communication channels, and align our goals to ensure a successful collaboration.

What are the benefits of being a referral partner?

Being an Iversoft referral partner allows you to receive 5% commission for all successful referrals and allows you to expand expanding your professional network. It also provides an opportunity to offer valuable services to your network by connecting them with a trusted agency.

How do I refer potential clients to Iversoft?

We make it easy. Simply connect the potential client to your dedicated account manager, who will set up a meeting to discuss their needs and explore tailored solutions. 

Is there any limit to the number of referrals I can make?

No! You can refer as many clients as you want. 

What happens after I make a referral? How will I be notified about the progress?

Once you refer someone to our team and an account manager is assigned, we will keep you informed about important milestones. We will continue to have quick touch points with our partners. 

Are there any rewards or incentives for successful referrals?

Yes! 5% commission.

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