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People often trivialize the impact of having a well-defined process, and it can be challenging to emphasize its importance. It's crucial to recognize that investing time in establishing and scaling a proper development process is indeed worthwhile. This investment serves several key purposes: it accelerates progress, ensures synchronization and coordination within your team, and allows you to reach a functional state more efficiently while maintaining the necessary subtleties and nuances. With a well-structured process in place, we no longer needed to chase after people or spend excessive time organizing tasks; everything fell into place more smoothly.

Jean-Yves Martineau Chief Technology Officer, SimWin Sports SimWin
See the project - SimWin Esports Fantasy Platform

One of the challenges we faced was keeping up with the pace of platform developments in multiple operating systems. We didn’t have the expertise or bandwidth to anticipate what the required changes might be in the app to ensure compatibility with new devices and operating system versions. Having Iversoft monitor all the changes coming from both iOS and Android, and proactively addressing those issues and releasing new app builds accordingly has ensured that our app is always up-to-date and operates well for our customers.

Eleanor Elliott Senior Director, Digital Capabilities Harlequin
See the project - Book Breaks App

Working with your team has been a dream. Hoping we get to carry on working with you – on ThoughtSpot and other projects!

Annie Hart Communication Coordinator for Digital Innovation The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
See the project - Mental Health and Wellness App

Iversoft was able to understand our idea really quickly and provide solution that we hadn’t thought about before. We felt like they knew what they were doing, that we were in good hands, and that communication channels were wide open and easy.

Elain Beaulieu Professor of Biology uOttawa
See the project - BioLingo App

From conception to completion, the Iversoft team was simply outstanding. This was a challenging project and you were always ready and willing to assist with an incredible amount of patience. I thank you for a project well executed.

Christia Zachariou Director of Sales and Marketing Ashcroft Homes
See the project - Custom Touchscreens

It was easy to communicate with the Iversoft team. Very easy! We understood each other really well, and they got my ideas quickly. It didn’t take much.

Lisette Vela Reyes Communications Manager MILSET
See the project - Website Strategy