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  • Custom API Integration
  • Custom booking service

The Challenge

Vocantas is a leader in automated multimodal communication solutions. Their Communicate™ product line includes Automated Shift Fill (ASF) — a system that allows organizations to fill open shifts through mass text, voice, and email notifications, eliminating the need for frustrating games of phone tag. Although the system was a success, Vocantas wanted to address a few limitations in the next iteration to better serve their customers.

SMS messages are a quick way to get in touch with employees. But, they can be expensive to send at scale and don’t provide a full picture of the shifts available or whether someone has already accepted an opening. To increase functionality, Vocatas decided to build a one-stop-shop mobile app. The goal was to enable employees to easily view, filter, and choose the best shifts for their schedules in one convenient place. But while their team is full of web development pros, they needed help from mobile experts to fully realize their vision. Enter Iversoft.

The Challenge
The Solution

The Solution

We transformed Vocantas’ ASF system into the Communicate Mobile app. Released on iOS and Android, the app integrates Vocantas’ internal API and delivers a more comprehensive and streamlined experience. Businesses use Communicate Mobile to send push notifications and updates to employees looking to pick up additional shifts. Built for easy two-way communication, the app also allows employees to report absences or view and claim open shifts in real-time.

The successful launch of this app required our team to clearly understand Vocantas’ company vision and growth goals. They started in healthcare, but planned to take their new digital model across multiple industries. It wasn’t enough to serve their current clients, we needed to understand their possible future users, use cases, and the unique problems those users need to solve. By conducting research and carefully planning our strategy, we created a product that allows Vocantas to expand into new markets on their terms.


The Results

Communicate Mobile launched on time and on budget, generating excitement among Vocantas’ clients, who quickly adopted this new version of an already beloved system. Offering a mobile option and making it easy to use also made the ASF product easier to sell to new customers.

Post launch, we continue to work with the Vocantas team to add more helpful features and provide ongoing maintenance.


  • +1000s of downloads upon launch with continued MoM growth ever since
  • Hundreds of thousands of sessions each month
  • High retention rate

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