[Ottawa, October 2023] — Iversoft, a leading software development and digital agency, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Steph Barlow to Chief People Officer. In this critical role, Barlow will continue to drive Iversoft's HR and talent strategies while championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her visionary leadership extends beyond traditional HR practices and encompasses bold initiatives such as the implementation of a four-day workweek. 

Upon joining Iversoft in 2016, Steph Barlow embarked on a mission to transform the company's culture and workforce. Recognizing the need for greater diversity and inclusion, she set out to create an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and equitable. Since then, Barlow has tirelessly advocated for people-first investments, improved compensation, mentorship processes, and ethical decision-making, even when faced with challenges.

Under her guidance, Iversoft established partnerships with organizations supporting underrepresented candidates, including Women IT Teleworkers, Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO), World-skills, Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN), Jobs Ability Canada, and local community organizations like On-trac. These strategic partnerships prioritize referrals and applicants from groups that support immigrants and skilled workers. Iversoft collects applicant source data and has set a target of 30 candidates per month from each of these organizations, making significant strides in diversifying its workforce.

As part of their comprehensive diversity initiative, Iversoft eliminated gender-specific wording in job descriptions, introduced blind knowledge testing during hiring, and made hiring a collective effort to ensure unbiased decision-making. Additionally, they removed education requirements from job descriptions to welcome perspectives from self-taught individuals, bootcamp graduates, and those who faced barriers to higher education due to financial constraints or family commitments.

Despite the competitive tech hiring market and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Barlow has successfully grown Iversoft from 8 to over 50 staff members during her tenure at Iversoft. Her advocacy for investments in employee well-being and mental health has been instrumental in supporting Iversoft's staff through various resources and initiatives. Barlow has shared her own experiences, fostering open and honest conversations around mental health within and beyond Iversoft. 

Among Barlow's groundbreaking initiatives is the introduction of a four-day workweek, a move that demonstrates Iversoft's dedication to employee well-being and work-life balance. This progressive approach is yet another testament to Barlow's innovative leadership and commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture.

"Steph Barlow's promotion to Chief People Officer is a testament to her exceptional leadership and dedication to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace," stated Vicki Iverson, CTO and Co-founder of Iversoft. 

Steph Barlow's promotion to Chief People Officer underscores Iversoft's unwavering commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment while pioneering progressive workplace policies.


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