What is an Iversoft skills challenge? How does it lead to a better candidate experience, stronger hiring decisions? Learn all about how Iversoft does it differently.

The skills challenge is the second stage of our hiring process at Iversoft. If you’ve made it to this round, our Talent Acquisition Specialist will email your skills challenge. Our skills challenges are an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. They’re also a chance for us to evaluate your hands-on fit for the role.

During your skills challenge, we want you to show us what you’ve got! We know it’s important to feel comfortable and confident so that you can focus on blowing us away! That’s why we give plenty of time for each assessment. The goal is not to choose candidates with 100% but to see the thought process.

Skills Challenge Breakdown

At Iversoft, we have 3 different kinds of skills challenges: live challenge, take-home challenge and Codility. Live challenges are meant for roles with unique situational questions that are easier to answer in a live environment. They allow you to demonstrate your skills, abilities, and confidence in real-time. Take-home challenges are designed to share details about your workflow as well as give you the opportunity to showcase your talents! These challenges are designed to help you put your best work forward — at the pace that suits you. Finally, Iversoft has partnered with Codility to create our developer challenges. Depending on the role, these challenges are flexible and can be completed online, or as a take-home project. Keep reading below to learn more about each of the skills challenges!

Live Skills Challenge

The first type of skills challenge is called a live challenge. Live challenges are usually completed using a video call platform like Google Meets. Sometimes we’ll incorporate a live scenario or a screen share. If your skills challenge is in a live environment, it’s usually because we understand that you might have unique situational questions that are simply easier to answer in real-time. In these scenarios, we’ll be present to answer any questions that may arise.

Examples of live skills challenges include live code reviews and “how would you react” questions.

Take-Home Challenge

The second type of skills challenge is a take-home challenge. Take-home challenges usually involve two parts. Part one is designed for you to share details about your workflow. Specifically, how you would go about visualizing and breaking down a task. The second part of the challenge is designed to showcase your talents! Take-home challenges are typically sent via email.

Codility Developer Challenge

Finally, Iversoft has partnered with Codility, a leading tech hiring platform, to create our developer challenges. If you’re a developer and you’ve made it to this stage of our interview process, Codility will send a skill challenge by email. We want to give you the chance to show off the very best of your coding skills. These challenges are flexible and can be completed live or taken home, depending on the role you applied to. You can learn more about Codility on their FAQ page.

Make sure to take your time and read the introduction page, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Next Steps

Once you’ve submitted your skills challenge, our hiring team will review it and provide our Talent Acquisition team with feedback. Talent Acquisition at Iversoft should be able to provide you with an update within a maximum of 7 days of submitting your skills challenge. If it happens to take a little longer, we’ll send you a quick email to check-in and let you know we’re still thinking about you!

This article is just one in a five-part series we’ve created to give you the inside scoop on our hiring process. We strongly suggest that you check out the rest of the series for a complete guide to navigating your job candidate journey. 

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