This pilot program aims to provide Iversoft’s people with increased flexibility to build their own schedules.

  • Commitment to remain remote throughout 2020
  • Optional, compressed four-day workweek
  • Pivot of services, focusing in on core strengths in Product Strategy, Mobile App, and Web Development
  • A commitment to do better and become a more diverse and inclusive organization

[Ottawa, ON] 23rd June 2020 – Iversoft, a digital consultancy partner celebrating 10 years in business, is excited to announce an optional four-day compressed workweek, alongside a commitment to remain remote throughout 2020 – all in an effort to refocus on its people. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Iversoft made the decision to take the company fully remote as of March 15th. Initially, a proactive measure to ensure the safety of its staff and the community, this has since become an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate what works best for Iversoft and its people. Since becoming virtual, the team has adapted incredibly well to the remote world: building culture virtually, creating more flexible schedules, and even adding new team members from across the country for the very first time.

“As we begin to look to the future, we’ve taken the time to self-reflect and honestly assess where Iversoft brings the most value to our clients, our partners, our people and their families. With this clearly in view, we’ve committed to making several changes, both internally and externally…” wrote Graeme Barlow, Iversoft’s CEO.

Last week, Iversoft made the commitment to stay remote for the remainder of 2020. The company has plans to take the rest of the year to re-evaluate, as a team, what the future will look like for its workplace – in terms of space and flexibility, work-life balance, and resources to support the community.

Today, the company announces a shift to an optional, compressed four-day workweek. This pilot program aims to provide Iversoft’s people with increased flexibility to build their own schedules – so as to best accommodate family and personal time, and to nurture physical and mental health and well-being.  With core office hours now running Monday–Thursday, compressed work weeks will also be entirely optional – meaning employees are still able to opt for a traditional five-day work week (or any other variant that suits them best). CEO, Graeme Barlow, states that clients won’t have to worry about being affected by the switch in the schedule:

“Without exception, the team is dedicated to providing effective communication with clients to ensure business goals are met – and this doesn’t change that”.

In keeping with the company’s mandate to put its people first, Iversoft also recently announced a strategic pivot in services, which will allow the team to focus on their core strengths in Product Strategy, Mobile App, and Web Development. The company has also made a commitment to better support the Black and BIPOC community, by increasing diversity and representation in the workplace, making ongoing contributions to Minwaashin Lodge and the Black Lives Matter Toronto Chapter, and through continued partnerships with organizations such as Hire Immigrants OttawaOCIS, and World Skills Employment Centre.

“We commit to holding ourselves accountable to the culture we seek to reflect and shape, in order to bridge the gap between the company we are right now and the company we aim to be.” said Graeme Barlow, CEO. 

Iversoft has committed to continuing the conversation around how to best take care of its people – as well as its clients, partners, and the community – throughout 2020 and beyond.

About Iversoft
Iversoft is a digital consultancy partner that provides expert product strategy, mobile app and web development services for organizations looking to elevate their business and adapt to the digital world.

Unlike your typical tech agency, Iversoft is mobile-first, process-driven, and focuses on delivering an exceptional client experience. Through a philosophy built on transparency, honesty, consistent communication, and unwavering dedication, we deliver thoughtful, data-driven, custom solutions for our clients– time and again.

Read Iversoft CEO Graeme Barlow’s “2020: A Year of Tremendous Change: A Letter from our CEO, “A Commitment to do Better, and “Four Day Workweeks: Empowering our People with More Flexibility and a Better Work-life Balance“. 

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