On January 28th, 2020 Iversoft hosted a Women in Data Science event at the Iversoft offices and Shawna Tregunna, our Director of Digital Services spoke on how to be more of a Data Driven Business: Measure What Matters.

Event Description:

How to make your business more data driven?

Listen to our local expert, Shawna Tregunna, on how to look at your business in a more data driven way.

What the presentation and discussion will cover…

What is a KPI? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, but what is that and what makes a good one?

Data, not just for data scientists!

Who in your organization should be involved in being data driven and how?

Tools of the data trade. What tools, processes and foundations do you need to start being data driven?

What should you measure?

Just because you CAN measure something doesn’t mean it’s important –and how do you measure people?

Now what? So much data, so little time!

How do we know what to do based on the data, or now that we’re data-driven how do we make decisions if we don’t have data?

Next Steps & Best Practices:

A quick checklist to see where you are in becoming a data driven person, department and company!
PS: We will also let you in on our Women in Data Science 2020 Conference planning!

The original presentation was held on: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Location:  Iversoft - 200, 1155 Lola St, Ottawa, ON K1K 4C1

How to Start Being a Data Driven Business from Shawna Tregunna

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