Would you use space on your mobile phone for an app that was simply “good”? In a competitive market, your product needs to stand out from the crowd. In other words, it needs to be great. If you are ready to develop an app, here are four common issues that will send your app to the “good” (or even “bad”) category and how to fix them.

You Chose the Wrong Developer

Choosing a developer is one of the first and most important steps for bringing your app to life. It will affect everything from how your app looks to the way it works. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of companies trying to win your business, don’t panic. Instead, read our guide to choosing the best developer for your app. Before making your decision based solely on cost, remember that the least expensive option may come at a steep price — a loss of quality or communication. Instead, find a company that wants to work with you, not just for you. A developer who openly communicates with you at all stages of the project will be better able to create a customized solution. You should also review the company’s team members and past work; do you like the design and usability of their products? Are they all coders, or do they have team members who are specifically skilled in areas such as design and operations? An experienced, multi-faceted team will create a user-friendly product that is professionally built and beautifully designed.

You Can’t Deliver What You Promise

Imagine you are pitching your app to a room full of people — what do you claim as its unique value proposition? Make sure your finished product delivers on that promise. If you are developing an Uber-for-X app, ensure you have enough supply to support the demand and vice versa. If you are developing a mobile game that you describe as fun and challenging, make sure you have multiple levels, engaging features, and dynamic characters. Users will be quick to delete an app that disappoints them. Work with your developer to ensure your app talks the talk and walks the walk.

You Aren’t Updating Your App

Delivering real value to your customers is not a one-time task. With the rapid rate at which technology develops, keeping pace is just as important as a strong start. You need to be ready to listen to feedback, monitor your industry, and stay on top of tech trends. For example, iOS releases major revisions every year. Updating your app is key to keeping the content, imagery, and functionality relevant. Remember that the evolution of your app starts at the development stage. A reputable developer will implement high quality code that makes it easy to regularly update your product. They will also work with you to ensure your app is functioning in line with all the latest devices and updates. Your app will always be a work in progress, so choose a developer who you trust and enjoy working with.

You Aren’t Communicating With Your Users

No matter how great your product is, users cannot download an app until they know it exists. While this may sound straightforward, many companies make the mistake of overlooking or underestimating the importance of marketing. You don’t need an exorbitant budget to tell the world why your app is special. Take a look at our guide for using social media to market your app; digital marketing is an affordable and effective way to reach your target demographic.

Remember that marketing is a long-term relationship. Once users download your app, they will have questions and comments. Social channels allow you to maintain an open conversation with your customers; users can engage with your content and make suggestions for improvements, and you can share information about exciting new features. Don’t go on a marketing blitz to launch your app and then forget about it. Communicating with users on an ongoing basis is the best way to increase and maintain the success of your app.

Your customers aren’t going to settle and neither should you. By choosing a developer, business plan, and marketing strategy that do your app justice, you are well on your way to a success story — one that goes in the “great” category.

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