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Iversoft Solutions has made its first-ever acquisition in the form of local gaming studio Jelly Smeared Games, but that’s just the start of what could be a monumental year for the Ottawa app developer.

Iversoft Solutions is an app development agency co-founded in 2009 by Vicki Iverson and Matt Strentse. The company designs apps for large companies including Torstar and Manulife, as well as local firms such as TouchPlow, and also has an extensive gaming portfolio that includes Solitaire and other popular mobile card games.

Jelly Smeared Games earned attention for its game Bytown Skate and Brawl, a mobile game set on the Rideau Canal, which Mr. Strentse says the company is in the midst of redeveloping. Jelly Smeared Games had eight developers at the time of acquisition, four of which were hired on by Iversoft.”

To read on, visit the OBJ to see the full article: Iversoft Acquires Ottawa Gaming Studio; Plans ‘Triple-Digit-Growth’ in 2017

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