Iversoft and Brydges & Associates create digital transformation and business continuity services, enabling companies to adapt to disruption.

  • Iversoft and Brydges & Associates create digital transformation and business continuity services, enabling companies to adapt to disruption
  • Iversoft and Brydges & Associates announce a strategic partnership to help companies navigate the uncertain market created by COVID-19

[Ottawa, ON] 2nd September 2020 — Iversoft, a technology development company specializing in strategic digital implementation, is excited to announce a partnership with the business transformation experts at Brydges & Associates.

This partnership was established to help companies address business continuity risks and undertake digital transformation — two actions that have become critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. By combining Brydges & Associates’ business strategy expertise with Iversoft’s ability to design, develop, and launch forward-thinking digital solutions, clients will receive critical guidance on impact recovery and can quickly implement technical solutions. These specialized services enable companies to operate with greater agility, resiliency, and effectiveness as they continue to operate in a fluctuating market.

New service packages will: 

  • Deliver comprehensive strategies for business continuity and digital transformation. 
  • Design and implement an effective change management plan.
  • Evaluate, recommend, and implement the tools and technologies needed to protect the operation and meet business goals. 
  • Define digital infrastructure requirements including development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Ensure business continuity and security through innovation and experimentation.

“Current events have allowed the world to discover the importance of people and digital infrastructure working in collaboration for business success. We’re excited to be partnering with Brydges & Associates; our combined service offerings enable organizations to plan, pivot, implement, and adapt to the new normal in the evolving digital economy,”  says Matthew Strentse, Chief Relationship Officer at Iversoft.

While there has been a trend toward digital transformation for many years, the pandemic has forcibly accelerated adoption, with many companies unprepared to shift their operations online. As a result, business leaders require immediate and practical solutions to enhance and secure their digital infrastructure, mitigate business continuity risks, and maintain company culture.

Although immediate solutions are needed, organizations also recognize the importance of future-proofing their businesses by designing agile processes. Whether the next disruption comes in the form of a weather event, political action, or another virus, companies need to be ready to operate with extreme agility. Iversoft and Brydges and Associates possess a unique set of proven competencies, placing them in an ideal position to help companies expertly navigate these challenges.

Business transformation requires innovation and response. Organizations must rethink their value proposition in order to adapt, evolve, and focus on business outcomes that deliver the greatest value to their customers. Now more than ever, clients understand that the key to doing this well is aligning with the right technology partner. We are pleased to be partnering with Iversoft to pair our organization change management and digital transformation consulting expertise with strategic implementation of technology solutions,” Jane Brydges, CEO, Brydges & Associates.

About Iversoft

Iversoft is a software development company that provides expert digital product strategy, mobile app and web development services for organizations looking to elevate their business and adapt to the digital world.

Unlike your typical tech agency, Iversoft is mobile-first, process-driven, and focuses on delivering an exceptional client experience. Through a philosophy built on transparency, honesty, consistent communication, and unwavering dedication, we deliver thoughtful, data-driven, custom solutions for our clients– time and again.

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About Brydges & Associates

Brydges and Associates is an executive consulting firm which provides strategic support and solutions to corporate leadership in the development and execution of enterprise-wide initiatives. With a primary focus on strategic change initiatives, Brydges and Associates works with organizations in both public and private sectors to assist them through corporate services transformation including organization restructuring, human resources management, technology and process design, digital transformation, change management, and organization development. 

Brydges and Associates consulting and advisory solutions deliver the strategy, tactics and tools to support clients in creating high performing organizations which embrace a culture that supports constant transformation. 

For more information regarding Brydges and Associates, please contact:

Jane Brydges
T: 613-797-5263
[email protected] 

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