As we continue to grow globally, we are humbled to give back to the families that surround us in Ottawa.

Iversoft is a little family. Or a big family. Depends on who you ask.

What we can say without question, is we spend a lot of time together. We’re a digital agency family that has been growing over the years, and around the holidays when we are looking to spend time with our families at home, we also recognize how grateful we are for the family we have at work.

One of the things about being a digital agency is that our borders are limitless. We expand our community to a global stage through the possibilities offered in a digitally connected world. But part of our core values is remembering to give back to the Ottawa community that has been our home and has supported us as we’ve grown from a small local shop to the digital consultancy we are today.

Sharing time together, especially over food, makes for a strong connection. Every day our lunchroom overflows with coworkers. Every morning there’s a crowd in front of the coffee carafes. Every afternoon a group ventures out to the nearby Starbucks. Every day there is at least one canine with puppy-dog eyes trying to convince you to share that snack on your desk.

Our agency family is fortunate in so many ways, to have that time, to have that connection, and to have that luxury of food. Being able to sit together with a memorable meal over the holidays with family is highly valued among our team. That’s why we were excited to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa on their Holiday Hamper program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa is a charitable organization supporting Ottawa youth and families. Every year they run their Holiday Hamper program, matching volunteer sponsors with families in need. Iversoft has proudly sponsored multiple families, delivering three full hampers for families in 2019 and five hampers in 2018.

As we continue to grow globally and stretch our connections across the globe, we are humbled to give back to the families that surround us in Ottawa.

Learn more about our digital agency family and how you can be a part of what we’re doing.

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