Iversoft appoints Laura Townson as its new COO.

  • Iversoft appoints Laura Townson as its new COO 
  • Laura has helped shape Iversoft over the last four years with a focus on people and process 
  • Appointing a new COO is an important milestone for Iversoft as they continue to push for growth in an uncertain year

[Ottawa, ON] 5th October 2020 — Iversoft, a software development company with more than 10 years in the business, recently appointed a new COO: Laura Townson. Previously the Studio Director at Iversoft, Laura has stepped into the role with a clear focus on the company’s most valuable asset: its people.

An expert in sales enablement and strategy, agency operations, and project management, Laura is an ideal fit for the role. She has more than a decade of experience delivering strategic leadership and performance metrics for Triple-A brands such as Lucas Films, Sony, Mattel, Marvel, Disney, Rogers, UPS, and Bell. And as Iversoft pivots its service offerings and continues to aggressively expand into new regional and vertical markets during an uncertain year, there is no better time for someone of her talents to take over as COO.

Laura has been one of the most instrumental additions to Iversoft. Since she was hired, she has helped shape day-to-day operations and has created numerous processes that have helped us to scale from a team of 12 to more than 40! Not only has she helped build a strong foundation of processes that make Iversoft run, she has been instrumental in crafting the company’s culture and constantly challenges us to be better. Laura is a thought leader in agency operations, and Iversoft is excited to have her as part of our leadership team!”   - Graeme Barlow, CEO at Iversoft

Laura joined Iversoft in May of 2016, and in her four years with the company, she has made essential contributions to the production process and team dynamics. When Iversoft made waves in the local tech industry earlier this year by transitioning to a compressed four-day workweek, Laura was one of the key figures championing the idea and planning out logistics. Her ability to turn key performance indicators (KPIs) into actionable strategies helped make the transition an unmitigated success.

For anyone who has worked with Laura, it is unsurprising that she put her immense talents behind an initiative to improve work-life balance at Iversoft. She is known at work and in the greater tech community as a process-driven altruist with a people-first mentality — qualities Iversoft has placed even greater importance on during the pandemic. She has the full trust of her team, who deeply appreciate her constant effort to make their lives easier.

Working with Laura is what leading by example should look like. Her commitment goes beyond her own responsibilities to ensuring everyone has the support they need to create the best path forward for our clients and our team. In my career, I have never seen someone place a greater importance on culture and ensure every building block is in place for company-wide success. Her contributions are a big part of what makes Iversoft who we are, and we are over the moon to have her as our COO.”

- Margie Robitaille, Project Management Lead at Iversoft

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