Iversoft has been a dog-friendly office since day one. Technically, Iversoft has been dog-friendly before there even was an office. Joey, the inaugural Iversoft dog, made the trip from Toronto to Ottawa back in 2010 from under the dining room table to Iversoft’s first official digs. Anyone who has come by the office knows our four-legged coworkers have come to be core members of the team.

As a digital agency, we have the opportunity to work with amazing companies and organizations in Ottawa, Toronto, and across North America. Technology can revolutionize a business, but we know for non-profits and charities it can be challenging to leverage technology on a budget. We asked ourselves, how could we use our skills to help the causes we care about? The answer was lying right there on the floor, tummy exposed, waiting for belly rubs.

After settling into the welcoming community of Ottawa, we knew we wanted to help animals in need settle into welcoming forever homes. Typically, the office is bustling as we code for clients, but this time we were ready to code for cats. With our whole company’s passion for pets, we pounced on the chance to use technology to help the Ottawa Humane Society.

The registered charity, which cares for over 8000 homeless animals in the nation’s capital, needs to match their rescue animals with adoptive owners every day. Not only do they run their rescue and adoption services, but they are also active in the community, run programming, and rely on the volunteer hours and donations from the public to fulfill their mandate successfully.

Technology has changed the way individuals and communities connect with each other, so our mission was to help the Ottawa Humane Society reach the community in new ways. With full-time dogs and developers on staff, Iversoft’s whole team was behind the launch of the charity’s app for iOS and Android in 2017.

PSA: You can now scroll through every adorable animal up for adoption in Ottawa right on your phone.

Who doesn’t want to scroll through hundreds of cute animal photos? Users can view the complete list of adoptable animals or support the charity directly through their donation link. The app also gives users a quick and easy way to view information about the organization, upcoming community events, and local news.

Supporting the Ottawa Humane Society has reinforced for us that we can always bring something to the table in our community. More importantly, there’s always a way to help, regardless of whether you’re a single person or a whole digital consultancy. As the number of office dogs continues to grow with our team year after year, being able to put our skills behind a cause we care deeply about continues to be a valued part of our culture.

We couldn’t be happier to see technology making a positive impact in the Ottawa community, and we love to hear the stories of how others are using tech for good.

If you see technology helping the animals in your local community, tweet us your story @Iversoft!

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