Iversoft has received the 2021 Employer Excellence Award from Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO).

[Ottawa, ON] 9th March 2021 — Iversoft, an Ottawa-based software development company, has received the 2021 Employer Excellence Award from Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO). The award recognizes innovative practices and policies in the recruitment and integration of skilled immigrant employees.

To celebrate their efforts and discuss how to continue building a more inclusive future, Iversoft along with other HIO award recipients and Ottawa-based businesses virtually attended the Employer Summit and Awards on March 9, 2021.

Iversoft is proud to be recognized as a people-first organization with a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion. One of the company’s guiding principles is that a good idea can come from anywhere. And by consciously building an environment where every employee feels comfortable to speak their mind, Iversoft is better able to deliver innovative solutions to its multinational clients.

While every Iversoft employee deserves credit for their part in creating a welcoming and supportive workplace, there is one person whose tireless efforts make it all possible — the Director of People and Culture, Steph Barlow.

"Iversoft is thrilled to receive the 2021 Employer Excellence Award. While diversity and inclusion has always been part of our HR philosophy, being recognized in such an uncertain year means a lot. We have greatly benefited from the incredible immigrant talent in Canada, and we hope to encourage other employers to support these incredible candidates.”  – Stephanie Barlow, Director of People and Culture at Iversoft

Growing up in Toronto, Stephanie was a natural people-person with talented friends from all over the world. It never occurred to her that where someone comes from would be a hiring consideration.

After starting her career in HR, she met a HIO member and learned about the fears and frustrations new Canadians experience in the job market, including self-doubt about language skills or whether international experience will be taken seriously. Wanting to help such a skilled group find career success in Canada, she quickly decided to use her position to become an advocate.

Throughout 2020, Stephanie attended and hosted technology and coaching seminars with HIO to connect with immigrant talent and help them on their job searches. She also participated in panels for employers looking to hire immigrant talent and for talent looking to secure local positions (HIO, In-Tac, World Skills, WITT).

Through a carefully designed hiring process that emphasizes good people, experience, and ideas over participation in specific institutions, Stephanie strives to build a more inclusive team with diverse perspectives.

“The whole experience with Iversoft from the beginning till the acceptance was very relaxed and fun. I would say that from the start you get to know that the people that you will work with are the people you would like to have in your team.”

– Ilana Cherniavsky, Software QA Analyst at Iversoft

About Iversoft

Iversoft is a software development company that provides expert mobile app and web development services for organizations looking to elevate their business and adapt to the digital world.

Unlike your typical tech agency, Iversoft is mobile-first, process-driven, and focuses on delivering an exceptional client experience. Through a philosophy built on transparency, honesty, consistent communication, and unwavering dedication, we deliver thoughtful, data-driven, custom solutions for our clients– time and again.

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