[OTTAWA, ONTARIO] Iversoft, a digital consultancy celebrating 10 years in business, is excited to announce the transition of two senior leadership members to new executive roles. Matt Strentse, co-founder and previously Chief Operating Officer, steps into the role of Chief Relationship Officer, while Graeme Barlow, former CMO, becomes Iversoft’s first Chief Executive Officer.

“Graeme joined us in 2016 as CMO with a mandate to help grow the company,” says Vicki Iverson, co-founder and CTO of Iversoft. Since then, the company has grown from a handful of employees to over 35 team members, with more being added at a steady pace. (Not to mention constantly engaging a high-quality partner and contractor list that Iversoft manages as well.)  “He’s been a major part of developing Iversoft’s strategic direction and has continuously stepped up to achieve the company’s business goals.”

Recently, Matt’s role has leaned more towards stakeholder relations. Matt, who has headed the company’s operations since inception, is focusing on building Iversoft’s partnerships globally. “Clients are often surprised and impressed that we’ve brought strategy, custom software, and digital marketing services together the way we have,” says Matt. “Once companies understand who we are and what our value proposition is, they’re excited to work with us.”

Iversoft is aggressively expanding into new regional and vertical markets and is taking on a diverse array of projects as the company pursues serious growth. The alignment of the C-suite sets Iversoft up to have all of leadership leveraging their strengths so the company doesn’t just grow, it grows strategically. That means not just finding more clients, but finding organizations and teams looking for a technology partner, where Iversoft can truly make a substantial and valuable contribution. This is why the focus on relationships was important enough to warrant a dedicated, C-level assignment.  

“We want to build the best digital consultancy in the world,” says Graeme, “to do that we need to have a clear direction and concrete plan. While we were considering the changes to the leadership team, we also revisited the Iversoft mission and vision statements. When the final draft was approved it was exactly the hope and vision I had for Iversoft, and I was excited for the opportunity to help lead the team in that direction.”

The updated mission and vision statements for Iversoft are:

Iversoft Mission Statement

Iversoft’s mission is to pursue growth as a company by building strong partnerships with forward-thinking clients and investing in the development and happiness of our employees.

We look globally to seek out interesting and complex challenges.
We tackle these challenges with innovative strategies, advanced technology and data-driven decisions.
We seek to achieve real, measurable results for our clients and meaningful, enjoyable experiences for all users.
We make this happen consistently and reliably by dedicating ourselves to our processes and evolving them as needed.  

Our strength is our experience, expertise and ultimately, our people.We strive to attract top talent then nurture them for even greater performance.We empower our employees with a culture of passionate curiosity, proud ownership, disciplined process, respectful equality and purposeful leadership – then set them free on the challenges before us.

Iversoft Vision Statement

Iversoft’s vision is to be recognized as a home for thought (and execution) leadership in technology and business in Canada and then the world.To be the obvious partner when companies are looking for strategic technology to help them grow or overcome their most pressing challenges.To be the employer of choice for top talent, looking to build the future.

Even with all the change at Iversoft, solving problems for clients with custom software and technology is still the company’s core competency, which is why Vicki Iverson is staying put as CTO. From day one Vicki has been a natural leader and exemplary CTO. Her knowledge and experience have served her and the entire team well, and although she could have just as easily moved into the CEO role, her passion is in the technology. “When we founded the company,” explains Vicki, “I picked CTO for a reason, that was the role I wanted, and nothing has changed. As entrepreneurs, in the early days, everyone just does what needs to be done, regardless of title. Now that we’ve grown up as a company it makes sense to formalize the roles, make everyone’s responsibilities clear and also build out a hierarchy and opportunities for career progression. Employees at more mature companies want to see a clear path for advancement and this move achieves that, too.”

This move leaves the COO and CMO positions vacant at Iversoft. It also comes on the heels of the addition of a Director of Product role, filled by Nick Tremmaglia, which was announced in September. With a more robust company infrastructure now in place and a fresh mission and vision to guide the team, Iversoft is poised to kick off its 10th year bigger and better than ever, and head into 2020 with renewed energy, enthusiasm and focus.

About Iversoft: Iversoft is an award-winning digital consultancy for innovative strategies and talented execution. With ten years of industry experience, Iversoft specializes in web and mobile app development, digital transformations, data driven marketing, XR interactive experiences, and more.

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