Laura Townson was awarded InterCon’s 2021 Award for Tech Excellence due to her innovative new work model

  • Laura Townson was awarded InterCon’s 2021 Award for Tech Excellence due to her innovative new work model
  • Laura is an award-winning project manager with a track record of innovation for corporate operations
  • Laura virtually accepted her award at Las Vegas InterCon Conference Summer 2021

[Ottawa, ON] 14th, September 2021 — Iversoft is pleased to announce their COO, Laura Townson, has been awarded the InterCon 2021 Award for Tech Excellence. Laura, a mental health advocate and operations management expert, received this award because of her trailblazing efforts to create a people-first software development agency. As part of this effort, Laura was instrumental in transitioning Iversoft into a fully remote company, offering flexible hours and optional compressed 4-day work weeks. While many doubted this model could succeed in an agency setting, Laura has proven them wrong. Employee surveys show overwhelming support, mental health improvements across the company, and stable or improved productivity.

"From the time Laura joined Iversoft she has been instrumental in helping champion and implement some of our most progressive policies. From our flex work week to our transition to fully remote, these initiatives would not have been possible without Laura’s vision and operational expertise!"

                                      —  Graeme Barlow, CEO, Iversoft

Laura came to Iversoft in 2016 with a pedigree of success as a Project Manager, including her award-winning work with Soctiabank and The National Gallery of Canada. She brought her organizational process, and dynamic management skills to Iversoft to develop process-pipelines that support employee growth and happiness.

As a software development company, Iversoft invests in nurturing new tech developments. In an effort to encourage employees to innovate and explore new technologies, Laura established and implemented the company sandbox program. The program gives Iversoft’s employees time to explore new ideas within a defined framework, ensuring professional development without risking client projects. This initiative has had several real-world impacts on Iversoft’s client work. VR and AR projects completed in the sandbox have enabled Iversoft to win contracts and create long-term relationships with clients looking to push boundaries in AR.

Laura’s innovations go farther than increasing the creative initiatives for staff. Adapting to the 4-day work week model helped reduce employee stress during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As an advocate for employee wellness, she believed the remote work model would increase employee health and wellness long-term.

The new model has been successful due to Laura’s comprehensive work processes and clear lines of open communication. The new model has been embraced by the Iversoft team. Eager to maintain more flexible working hours, employees have been willing to put additional effort in to meet their deadlines within a shortened week. The system also encourages the team to think ahead and be proactive. For Iversoft, Laura’s model worked — and it isn’t going anywhere.

"This is truly an award for Iversoft and not an individual award, in my opinion. We are being recognized for applying innovation to process; for finding better, smarter, healthier ways to do business. We truly believe that when you take care of your team, they take care of your business. It's one thing to have an idea or a vision, but it takes a team of visionaries to put it into practice. It is because of my team’s trust and alignment in my vision that we won this award. 

—  Laura Townson, COO, Iversoft

Laura has brought her creativity, compassion, and innovation to Iversoft, reshaping and redefining the operations and output of the company for the better. In summer of 2021, Laura was awarded the InterCon Award for Tech Excellence, for pioneering technological advancement at her company, while also transitioning her team into the future of remote, digital work. Laura accepted her award virtually during the July 2021 InterCon award ceremony.

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