Iversoft hires different. Learn all about our process in our five part series on Iversofts hiring practices

Congratulations! If you’ve just been invited for an HR interview with our Talent Acquisition team, let us be the first to say that we are all so excited to meet you! Interviewing for a new job is a challenging and stressful experience — at Iversoft, we want you to feel equipped with everything you need to nail each step of the interview process.

So, What is an HR interview?

An HR interview is a brief interview with a recruiter or another member of an organization’s HR team. An HR interview covers the basic information that helps recruiters determine whether you would be a good addition to the role you are applying for. Usually, questions at this stage of the interview process are related to your past experiences, future goals, availability, and motivators like salary expectations, benefits, and work perks. Your HR interview at Iversoft will be a one-on-one video chat with a recruiter. We believe that a great employee is more than just their resume and work experience. Tell us about your life experiences and employment journey.

We also want you to feel comfortable during your interview, so feel free to have a coffee, tea, or water at your desk.

How Can You Prepare for an HR Interview?

At this stage of the interview process, recruiters are on a mission to genuinely understand why you’re a great fit for the role. Here are some preparation tips to help your recruiter get a true picture of the skills and experience that will make you a great addition to our team.

Review the Job Description

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Badr, recommends memorizing the job description before your interview, which will help you focus on the technical aspects required by us, and remember the questions you have about the role.

We want to know why you're a great candidate for this role so remembering crucial details of the job is the first step.

Memorize Your Resume

We want to understand your journey and why Iversoft feels like a great next step for you. We recommend preparing for your HR interview by reviewing your resume and finding talking points that align with the job description. Reading your resume beforehand is a great way to remind yourself of experiences outside of the job description that might contribute to your success in the role that you are applying to.

Research the Company

This is a crucial step in making sure that an organization’s Mission, Vision and Values align with your goals. When researching a company, remember to learn what the organization sells or creates. Our People and Culture team also recommends that candidates look at an organization's social media to learn more about their company culture and activity. 

Make sure your interview space is comfortable

We want you to feel your best during your interview. Being in a calm, familiar space helps reduce physical anxiety triggers, so you can focus on putting your best self forward. We recommend spending an extra 5 minutes before your interview in a quiet space that feels comfortable and simply relaxing — you’ve got this!


Interviews in general are stressful, but we don’t want them to be! Our goal is for every candidate to feel supported and excited about the opportunity to join our team. We’re here to help bridge the gap between you and a meaningful job that empowers you. This article is just one in a series of pieces designed to help you in your employment journey. We suggest checking out the entire series for a greater in-depth look at our processes in advance of your interview. This way you can feel relaxed, and let the interview process be about the most important thing: getting to know each other. Interested in finding out more about the Iversoft hiring process? Curious about our work culture? Check out the first part of this multi-part series here. You can always reach out to us by connecting with our technical recruiter Badr at [email protected]

Happy Job hunting!  

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