Why are top tech professionals flocking to this Canadian Tech Company

Canada’s tech sector is growing rapidly, and companies across the country are scrambling to hire employees — but Iversoft hasn’t had a problem attracting the best and brightest.

What’s our secret? It isn’t in-office ping-pong tables or superficial “perks” like all-you-can-eat candy buffets. At Iversoft, we know that today’s job seekers aren’t looking for frills or gimmicks, they’re looking for what really matters: a company that puts the well-being of people and communities front and center.

Here are just a few of the reasons job seekers are flocking to Iversoft.

A Culture that Puts YOU First

At Iversoft, we’ve created a positive and supportive environment that enables our people to do their best work. That means empowering our staff with the tools they need to develop and grow, not just as employees but as human beings.

Research has shown that happier people get more done. That’s why Iversoft offers incredible work perks like flexible hours, remote work, an optional compressed 4-day work week. Increased flexibility means that our employees have control over their own workday and can take breaks or adjust hours to manage family, community, and personal obligations.

We have a strong company culture focused on mutual respect, curiosity, and teamwork. We also offer 3 weeks paid vacation, medical and health benefits (including a mental health stipend), and unlimited sick days. Forget grind culture and “crunch” time — the real secret to productivity is selfcare.

Cutting Edge Canadian Tech

Iversoft is leading the way with cutting-edge tech (some of it so cutting-edge that we can’t talk about it).

What we can talk about is our work in world class sport entertainment Augmented Reality, experimental 5G research, and touchscreen technology.     

We can also talk about our work in healthcare communication. We partnered with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital, to create the Thought Spot app. Available on iOS and Android, the app connects university students to local mental health resources and allows them to filter services by category, rating, and comments. It also includes a curated selection of relaxing walks around the city, for those looking for a quick mental health boost.

At Iversoft, we love a challenge. We’re using our skills to develop enjoyable, enriching digital experiences for our clients and their users.

The Small Business Advantage

We’re proud to be a small business. In a world of tech giants, we believe that the future of fair and accountable technology lies with organizations like us. We can listen and respond to the needs of our clients and community faster than the big guys.

Just because we’re small, doesn’t mean we don’t hold our own. For over ten years, we’ve been offering our clients custom, cutting-edge mobile technology solutions. Our size allows us to be flexible, creative, and adaptable. When others get tangled up in bureaucracy and internal red tape, we get things done. 

Always Local

Being local gives us an edge. We don’t outsource our development or tech — period.

Iversoft’s head office is located in Ottawa, and we have smaller offices across Canada. We do everything in-house. We make sure our team has a full complement of skills and knowledge necessary to tackle any project. When we do need to bring in extra help, we work with 100% Canadian and American talent.

Staying local gives us an edge on communication and quality control. It also means that we value our team and are committed to treating them right.

Women at the Helm

More than 80% of directors at Canadian tech companies are men. In an industry saturated with bros, we’re proud to be different. 

Co-founded by Vicki Iverson in 2009, Iversoft has been woman-led since its inception. Today, 45% of our team are women — as are 75 - 80% of our senior leadership.

As our Chief Technology Officer, Vicki remains committed to supporting and mentoring women in STEM. She continues to volunteer her time with youth-centered programs that encourage girls to explore computer science and technology.

Award-winning HR

We know we’re great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our award-winning human resources team has been recognized by external organizations and community groups for their leadership in developing and implementing strong, people-first policies.

In 2021, our Director of People & Culture, Steph Barlow, was awarded the Canadian HR Reporter (CHRR) Young Influencers award for her work in company culture, diverse hiring practices, and talent growth and development. Her focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as her commitment to cross-industry hiring, has fostered a versatile and innovative team.

Iversoft was also awarded the 2021 Employer Excellence Award from Hire Immigrants Ottawa. The award celebrates our efforts to support the recruitment and integration of skilled immigrants in the tech industry.

While we’re on the topic of quality Human Resources, it’s worth mentioning that our hiring process is designed to be stream-lined and easy for our applicants. We have a 7-day feedback policy, so you will never be left in the dark wondering if your application is hanging in cyber space. We also make sure all candidates know what to expect from every phase of our interview process.

Our hiring process includes skills challenges in a relaxed environment, which is done so Iversoft can learn how you handle work- not how you handle stress. From application to offer, our hiring process includes only four steps. The more simple and clear our hiring pipeline is, the more efficient it is for us, and the more respectful it is for the hard-working humans beings behind those applications.

Leadership Access and Transparency

At Iversoft, our leaders aren’t focused solely on the bottom line — they are mentors and coaches, committed to bringing out the very best in their teams.

We want to support you in your career goals and professional growth. Our people get one-on-one time with department heads and leadership. We’re here to guide you, but we’re also here to listen. We know that a good idea can come from anywhere, and we want our people to feel confident and supported in speaking up.

Regular company-wide meetings and updates mean full transparency. You’ll never have to guess about the health of the company — because we’ll tell you. It’s that simple.

Commitment to Diversity

Everyone and their dog have an inclusion statement these days, but, to us, diversity is more than just a buzzword.

Inclusive tech requires inclusive teams. At Iversoft, we know that the future of tech is fair and equitable. That starts with having as many different perspectives as possible involved in development and design.

We’ve learned from experience that hiring people with different backgrounds and abilities makes our company stronger — because difference leads to creative, innovative teams (and creative, innovative products).

We Give You Room to Grow

Want to learn a new skill or upgrade your existing expertise? We’re here to help make sure you never feel stuck in a work rut again.

We want our teams to be the best they can be. That’s why we offer training programs, sandbox programs, and personal development meetings to build long-term success and growth. Why spend so much on professional development? A company is only as good as its people, and we believe the best investment we can make is in our staff.

At Iversoft, we know that the secret to hiring and keeping great people is simple: treat them right. Our people-centered approach focuses on diversity and inclusion, talent development, and transparency. As a small, woman-led business we know that what makes us different is what makes us shine.

Interested in a career with Iversoft? We’re always looking for talented, creative, and open-minded individuals to join the team. Check out our current opportunities here.

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